A Tour of the Arts and the Sciences

Welcome to Minerva - a site for those of eclectic tastes, which draws its inspiration from many diverse spheres.

Special features include the Inconstant Moon lunar tours, Q&A, which is at the foot of many of the articles, and Minerva Mariner, the powerful and fast-loading Internet search system.

Button The Arts.
History, music, painting, poetry, architecture and geography.
Button The Sciences.
Astronomy, mathematics, archaeology, botany, selenology and geology.
Button The Globe.
A newspaper, a webguide, and a meddle with the fabric of the cosmos.
Button The Tavern at the End of Time.
The European SF, Fantasy and Horror Review.
Button Intervention.
Official website for the 1997 UK National Science Fiction Convention.
Button Tour.
Just follow the tour to visit the site's highlights, in no particular order.

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