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Kevin Clarke, looking unnaturally smart Minerva and Inconstant Moon are the creations of Kevin Clarke, who has for many years rejoiced in the title of freelance Computer Consultant. Accusations of talent in the areas of graphic design and web development have persuaded him, together with friend and fellow consultant Chris Neary, to set up PlanetWorks. If you want a professional web presence at a competitive price, pay us a visit!
He lives in Solihull, in central England, with his wife Melanie (who seems to spend most of her time running the kids around and despairing of her obsessed husband), and children Adam (who enjoys drama, scouting and is learning to play keyboard) and Kirsty (who plays guitar, swims and dances ballet and tap). The mental rabbit (like the one in Monty Python and the Holy Grail with the nasty, bitey teeth) has passed on to the great hutch in the sky, and has been replaced by two hamsters.

The Tavern at the End of Time is a collaboration with Steve Green, marketing guru and erstwhile freelance journalist with particular expertise in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.
Steve's previous triumphs include joint editorship - with Martin Tudor - of Critical Wave, the European science fiction and fantasy review. He is married to Ann, lives in Solihull, enjoys Real Ale and, during December, has sometimes been spotted dressing up in red and giving small children a surprise!

Well, that's quite enough about us, let's hear from you... e-mail me!

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© Kevin Clarke, MM
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